About Us

Our Public Health Mission

COPPERMEDICS™ is an association of individuals dedicated to amplifying the public’s understanding of copper – the metal – and its ability to provide permanent antibacterial and antimicrobial public health protections.

Copper’s intrinsic capacity to disable and kill bacteria and undesirable microbes has been widely tested and confirmed. However, the application of copper to these tasks has not yet been widely undertaken.

Our purpose is to promote information about the public health power of copper.

We are engaged in activities to promote the widespread application of copper and copper-derived materials and products.

COPPERMEDICS™ is designing and developing personal protective equipment (PPE) products to be confirmed as effective through unbiased research laboratory testing and then deployed for their global public health benefits.


Mark Zuckerman

Mark Zuckerman has had a successful career developing social benefit and commercial projects from start-up phases to maturity.

Zuckerman’s interest, advocacy and action in the Human Right to Safe Drinking Water movement was focused on bringing simple technologies to bear where people lacked such access. He worked in Flint, Michigan during their 2016 crisis, brought water purification equipment to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, and spent a year working in California’s water-polluted Central Valley.

His interest in safe drinking water brought related public health issues to light, like hand washing challenges in locations without ready access to soap and water. His current focus is the anti-microbial, bacterial, and anti-viral attributes of Copper as a powerful global public health tool.

Maggie Wolfe-Johnson

Maggie Wolfe-Johnson has over 25 years of experience in polymeric membrane filtration. She has worked in both product development and sales management in water and wastewater and the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.

As a member of the COPPERMEDICS™ team, she was part of the start-up and introduction of the Virus Buster face mask, and continues to work to promote the use of copper, especially its importance in halting the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the spread of COVID-19.